nice to meet you!

if you're interested in a commission, here's where you can fill out a form with your information! please make sure to read everything here before sending an email!

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how should i fill this out? what should i say? 

great question! a tip: i love a good joke as an ice breaker. 

below, you'll find a form that asks for your name, email, and a message - include a description of what you were interested in commissioning in your initial email. as many details as you can include from the jump, the better!

got questions about what that can entail? no problem. 

will you draw fanart/furries/my dnd character/my pets/real people/buildings/backgrounds?


will you draw nsfw content?

yes (only for those 18+)! however - i explicitly refuse to accept any commissions for nsfw art depicting any situation i deem inappropriate. 

will you draw mecha?

this depends on the complexity of the mecha! i can't give a hard yes/no answer, but i can tell you that the greater the complexity, the higher the cost - so i suppose in a sense, it's up to you! 

how much will my commission cost?

that depends on what you’re looking for! currently i have a few already-priced commission styles that i work in, but for pieces that fit outside of that framework, costs will be assessed individually. 

how long will my commission take?

if you have a specific deadline you need met, please note so in your message! otherwise, the time it takes depends on the complexity. 

what is the best way to get you my references? 

i accept links to imgur albums and pintrest boards, and while emailing i'll ask for references that can be sent via email attachment. in the form below, you can either submit links or written descriptions. 

what comes next

after you fill out a form, i'll contact you via email to move forward, talk details, and settle payments! 

thank you for taking the time to read this.

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