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for all-across-the-board illustrations for a variety of uses - holiday cards, state illustrations; or depicting scenes either from your favorite fanfic, dnd campaign, or fanart you've always yearned to see made real. 

pet portraits

these make excellent gifts! these can be made into physical paintings as well (at an additional cost). prepare images of the pet in question + pick a favorite color!

character reference sheet

character reference sheets are great if you've got an OC/PC/etc that you want a basic reference for, either for things like your tabletop game or for the sake of future commissions! 

what you need to have prepared: 

- a document about the OC including name, height, and 2 "fun facts" (can be anything, see examples!) 

- written descriptions AND some kind of visual reference for body type/hair/outfit/armor/accessories etc. 

character illustrations

either solo or group illustrations - can be of your OCs, you and your pals, or of your favorite fictional characters. 

oc tarot

fascinated by the rich symbolism of tarot? consider a tarot card commission - either pick a card you'd like, or discuss options.

portraits / couple portraits

interested in a portrait of you and a pal or partner? look no further. these make excellent gifts for couples and for friends! 


want something more specific? feel free to drop me a line: 


Thanks for submitting!

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